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Vikurup means one who is ugly. While this temple might be one of the smallest you can see around the Pashupatinath area, it carries a very significant importance and is believed to be the reason the age we live in Kaliyug will end. In simple words this one idol which relatively gets not much looked upon is the reason why the time will restart according to Hindu Mythology. 


The myth dates back to Dwapar Yug. Vikurupakshya was born in a poor family. The family had very less resources so his dad had to leave the infant Vikrupakshya and go away for work, from which he would not return. After reaching age 7, Vikurupakshya told his mum that he was going to search for his dad and bring him back if he was still alive. If he was dead, Vikurupakshya would perform death rituals and fulfill his karma as a son. His mother, already broken with the leaving of his father, didn’t want his Son to walk the same path. However, Vikurupakshya left in search of his dad. Days passed, months passed and years passed. Not seeing his son return, his mother also decided to leave the home and go search for her child and husband. On the other hand, Vikurupakshya was continuing his search for his dad. Like that 10 year passed and now he is 17 years old. One day in his search, he decided to sleep in a cave. It was a dark night and nothing could be seen in the cave. Upon entering the cave, he realized that there was another woman resting in that same cave for the night. As the night passed both got involved in the physical act of making love. In the morning, after the sun rose and visibility was enough. Vikrupakshya realized this woman was his mother, who had come in search of him. He could not bear the fact that he had slept with his mother, this night is when the Kali Yug is believed to have started from. He wanted to free himself of this guilt. Being hopeful he came to Pasupatinath, who was high on weeds at that time. In an intoxicated state, Pashupatinath suggested Vikurupakshya that drinking 12 Kg of melted copper would help him get rid of this sins. Naive Vikurupakshya followed the instructions and melted copper, when we took lid off to drink it, the hot steam of the liquid burnt his face and thus he got the name Vikurupakshya. Crying in pain and agony he started blaming Pasupatinath for this state of his. He started vandalizing all objects he could find that were related to Pasupatinath. This was when he met Buddhha, who gave him a Bodhichitta Mala and asked to pray until the Mala loses its color. He followed the instructions and started praying again. However, he lost his temper upon realizing even though he had prayed for a very long time, the Mala didn’t lose its color a bit. 


Thinking this was also a gimmick, he stopped praying. This was when he met a child who was beating a big piece iron. He asked the kid why he was doing so, Kid replied, one day this iron will be thin and I will turn it into a needle so I can sew my clothes with it. This moment touched Vikurupakshya, seeing that all he needed was patience and what he wanted would eventually come to him. He went to the edge of Pasupati and started praying with the Mala. Upon seeing the guy who vandalized Pasupatinath’s objects in a deep meditation state, the locals took advantage and buried him alive. 


It is believed that the day Vikurupakshya wakes up, he will be enraged with anger with the locals for burying him alive and try to end the world, marking the end of Kali Yug, when Lord Shiva will come down to stop him. After which Satya Yug will again start.

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