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As you can observe,Taudaha is one of the very few clean water bodies remaining in the Kathmandu Valley. Similar to Nagdaha, but more popular, it has a lot of migratory bird species stopping over. 


Historians believe that this lake of Taudaha was built by Manjushree. Using his sword, Manjushree cut through the giant lake that Kathmandu Valley used to be. That is how the Valley became inhabitable. It is also believed that there were snakes all over inside the giant lake. Therefore, ‘Taudaha’ comes from a combination of two Newari words: ‘Ta’ implying snake and ‘Daha’ implying lake.


Taudaha has a pleasurable and welcoming environment where you can think of spending an afternoon and also the evening while you are here. Watching the beautiful sunset reflect on water is simply gorgeous. We can see how visitors are mostly feeding the fishes at the lake. Tons of hungry fishes are waiting to be fed and the joy of giving them some food is truly satisfying.You may easily purchase their food at the entrance or in the vicinity of the pond. Sprinkle them on top of water and watch the hungry fishes come up and feast!

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