Tal Barahi

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Long time ago, there was no lake here. It was a dense settlement area. During that time, Barahi used to live with her sister far away from here. One day she left home, got separated with her sister and came to this settlement in the form of a Jogi.

She asked for alms with the local people only to be ignored. Finally an old lady of the settlement brought her in. She gave Barahi food and shelter in her small hut. Barahi then warned the old lady that the next day settlement was going to be flooded so she prepare for a safer place and be ready to move.

Next day came and what Barahi said came to be True. The entire settlement was devoured with water and Phewa Lake was formed. Only thing still above the water in the entire settlement was the Old Lady’s hut. Which was then recognized as Tal Barahi’s place. That same hut then over the time changed and was converted into a Temple by later Hindu Kings and today the hut is believed to be Tal Barahi temple, sitting in the middle of Phewa Tal.

As people who come to venture walk down from Halan Chowk, Tal Barahi is mostly their first destination around the Lake side. You can enjoy a boat ride around the temple, go for prayers and on a good day you can see Mount Machhapuchhre as you get on your boat to the Temple.

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