Suryabinayak Temple

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Suryabinayak temple is a tall white shikhara style architectured temple built by Malla kings during the 17th century. Surya indicates sun, and Binayak indicates Lord Ganesh. Due to the fact that this temple is situated in the Eastern side of the valley it was named as Suryabinayak. Suryabinayak temple is one of the four main Ganesh temples in Nepal.The other three are Karya Binayak, Jala Binayak, and Ashok Binayak. 


As you walk above the hill you will be able to enjoy a scenic view of not only Bhaktapur city but the whole Kathmandu Valley. Many visitors come to the temple on Tuesdays and most of them are parents with infants. It is believed that the infants will learn to walk and speak sooner if they have been blessed at the temple. 


This temple is powerful and renowned from religious aspects nonetheless, the location adds speciality to its attractiveness. 


Now, let us visit a man-made pond, constructed during the medieval period which looks greenish in color but has a great historic value till this day.

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