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On your way here, you got on the cable car in Chitwan and go off the cable car in Gorkha, if that is what you came from. 

Manakamana temple is one of the major Shakti peeth in Hindu Mythology.

The belief about the origin of this temple dates back to the reign of Ram Shah. The Queen of Ram Shah was believed to have been a direct reincarnation of Goddess Bhagawati. A member of the palace, Lakhan Thapa had an eye for the divine and could see things which normal humans would miss. He started worshipping the queen as Bhagawati.

One day King Ram Shah saw his wife in her Bhagawati form and fell ill. Shortly after which he died. Upon the death of the King, the Queen went Sati with her. Sati is a practise where the wife is burnt alive along with husband’s cremation. 

While the Queen was going to Sati, Lakhan Thapa did all he could to convince her not to go. He was assured by the Queen that she would return in 7 months. 

After 7 months, a local farmer was ploughing his field around this place. Then in the process he hit a stone that started bleeding red and white. Immediately Lakhan was called upon. 


He predicted that this was the return of the Queen in her divine form. With Tantric rituals he made the bleeding stop and a temple was built here.

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