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Khokana is an ancient settlement in the Kathmandu Valley that has several unique features of its own. While most of the historic settlements of Kathmandu Valley were started during the Licchavi period, Khokana was established long before. Interestingly, Khokana is the first town in the whole country to have used electricity. However, what makes this UNESCO World Heritage Site a unique place is the fusion of history, culture and religion that you can witness here.


For centuries now, Khokana  is best known for producing fine mustard oil. About 1,900 years ago, there were at least four mustard oil mills in Khokana that used centuries’ old technology, and even to this day, one of them is still in operation! Kutisa is the centuries old mustard mill and right next to it is the one that is still in operation today. 


Major attractions of this town include Rudrayani Temple, Sikali Temple, Karyabinayak, Dha Pukhu, and the Khokana Museum. While you are here Khokana museum definitely deserves a visit! You can observe the beautiful ancient jewelry, agricultural tools, traditional pots and pans at the museum. This building is over 100 years old and the first one in Nepal to have used electricity. Sounds antique, doesn’t it?


Now, let us explore two more major attractions of Khokana, namely Karyabinayak and Rudrayani Temple.

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