Karya Binayak

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Located in the heart of Khokana and Bungmati towns is the Khokana Karyabinayak. The term ‘Karya’ means work and Binayak is Lord Ganesh, elephant-headed Hindu God of beginnings. Lord Ganesh is worshipped before beginning any work in hopes of fulfilling the task successfully.


Khokana Karyabinayak is one of the four most revered Binayaks. The locals worship Lord Karyabinayak before starting any new venture as well as after completing one with the belief that tasks started with the blessings of Lord Karyabinayak are accomplished unhindered.


The Statue of the Lord inside the temple isnt a man-made one. Instead it is an extra-ordinary stone that is naturally shaped like an elephant head. Outside the temple though there are other man-made statues of Lord Karyabinayak.


Now let’s move on to the Rudrayani Temple, shall we?


Khokana is often referred to as an open museum of culture and ancient heritage, and Rudrayani temple is one of its jewels. Situated in the center of the Khokana town, Rudrayani temple was built in 1530’s AD by King Amar Malla. As you can see, the temple is built in pagoda style, and it has three stories. The inhabitants of Khokana worship Goddesses Rudrayani, a form of Goddess Durga, as their clan deity.


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