Jal Binayak

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On the bank of Bagmati river near the gorge you will find the temple of Jala Binayak Ganesh. This is one of the four most popular Ganesh temples of Kathmandu valley. The other three are Surya Binayak, Karya Binayak, and Ashok Binayak. 


As you can see, this is a three storied temple built in pagoda style. While the main deity of the temple is Ganesh, there are statues of other Gods and Goddesses in the temple complex. Similar to Khokana’s Karya Binayak, the statue is not a man-made one but a natural rock that resembles an elephant head. Locals worship this naturally Godlike rock in hopes of fulfilling what they have started successfully. 


People from Newar communities call this Ganesh ‘Kwaina’ which means Ganesh situated at the lowest level. They like to call him this because this temple is located at the lowest point of the valley as compared to the four Binayaks of Kathmandu Valley.


Jala Binayak existed a very long ago in history. However, as per the records, this temple was built in 1601 AD. We can see a huge crowd gathering to worship the deity on Tuesdays since Tuesday is considered the best day for worshipping lord Ganesh.  


As you might have noticed already how Kirtipur is at the height geographically. The view that you see from top will even look better from Uma Maheshwor Temple! Let’s meet you there.

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