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Welcome to Panchkhal Municipality. 

You might be looking at a pagoda style temple known as Dugdheshwar temple. It is believed to be built in the licchavi dynasty. However, the history of Dugheshwar temple dates back to centuries before that. 

Dugdheswor temple is a mahadev temple. So, you will find a shiva linga with five faces inside the temple. The five faces of shiva linga relate Shiva to five classical elements, five directions, the five senses and five parts of the body. 

It is said that Shiva linga (idol) cannot be established in any random place. Shiva lingas are established in the place where the body parts of Sati Devi had fallen after Lord Mahadev carried her corpse throughout the Indo-Aryan sub-continent. When Mahadev carried the corpse of Sati devi on his back, her body parts fell in 51 different places of the sub-continents. The places where the body parts fell is believed to have the presence of Lord Shiva and therefore people believe the idols have divine superpowers. Apart from this, Shiva linga is established in the site where a devotee achieves the highest state of consciousness (samadhi) through meditation. 

People here also believe that Ravan, a great devotee of Lord Shiva had visited and meditated in this place. 

The premises also include structures of 51 shiva linga which is identical to Pashupatinath temple. It represents the 51 places where the body part of Sati Devi had fallen. 

The pond nearby was built later with the purpose of preserving the heritage and attracting domestic tourism. You might come across a few snakes near the pond. So, be careful. But there is no need to panic because the locals say that these snakes are very common and not dangerous at all. 

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