Davis Falls


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This fall was originally named “Patale Chango” which means underworld waterfall, it has to do with the fact that water from the falls goes inside the land surface here and we can’t see where it goes to. This gives a feeling that the water is going to the underworld. 

In 1961, a Swiss couple was swimming around the Dam site, from where the overflow of the water brought Davis to this place and she fell in this pit. After her death here, her father requested the place to be named after her daughter. Then onwards the place came to be known as Davis falls but it is also common to see it being called Devi’s falls.

The place is beautiful and the waterfall even more mystifying. 


Once here, you have to visit the Gupteshowr Mahadev cave on the other side of the road, which is where the water from Davis fall emerges.

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