Chobhar Gorge

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Chobar is considered the lowest point which lies in between Kathmandu and Lalitpur district. There lies the formation of Gorge. According to Syambhu Puran and archeological studies, before 30,000 years ago, Kathmandu Valley was considered a huge lake. Manjushree (an enlightened one) came from China along with his two wives to witness the Swayambhu Jyotirup, which was the eternal flame in the middle of the lake. He witnessed the lake from mountain that is now known as Manjushree Mountain. He even wrote a hymn to tell about the story of the visit in the Kathmandu lake. In order to get upclose view of the radiance of the flame, he cut through Chobar with his flaming sword for his desire to observe Swayambhu Jyotirup. This allowed the lake to drain all the water within three days through Gorge as it is the lowest point in Kathmandu Valley. The Syayambhu Jyotirup (a brilliant radiance), now is known to be great Swyambhunath.
He also created a small lake for the serpent god to live in.
There is also story in Hindu folklore about a Banasur (a demon) that blocked the Gorge which cornered the lake’s water. Lord Krishna cut the Chobar Gorge with his Sudarshan Chakra (a discus). Therefore, human civilization slowly started in Kathmandu Valley from around 10,000 years ago.

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