Chisapani Gadhi


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This fort you are standing on is one of the biggest reminders of the bravery of Nepalease. This Gadi served as one of the main battlefields during the Anglo Nepal War. 

This fort houses two cannons named “Kali ” and “Lali ”, both of which are known to have had the capacity of throwing cannonballs up to Raxaul in India. 

This fort is built similarly to the fort at Makwanpur, the fort is separated from the entering land with deep gaps, which were believed to have been used to keep crocodiles. 


Here, this place is also known to be the origin place of Batuk Bhairav.  All other Batuk Bhairav temples in the country were spread from this very place. 

Batuk Bahirav is known as the God of War and rightly has his place as deity of this fort. 


A strange fact surrounding this fort is that, women are not allowed to enter the fort. The story goes, Women can’t worship Batuk Bhairav here, in past when women have entered the fort it had resulted in them vomiting blood and dying. 

A picture of women who is one of the early recorded deaths in the fort is present inside the main temple.

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