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The Changunarayan Temple consists of pagoda style architecture as you can see. As a site of great historical value, it is one of the most important temples in the valley. The temple that you can see today, is not the original structure but a result of numerous restorations that have taken place throughout history. 


Lichhavi King Manadeva inaugurated a victory pillar in 464 A.D.The monument represents Vishnu whose ancient name is Changu. This also indicates that King Manadeva had installed the pillar at a site where Vishnu’s shrine already existed.


Changunarayan Temple is a two storied temple consisting of various exquisite carvings and multiple avatars of Vishnu in temple premises. Typical of Vishnu temples in Nepal, the Changunarayan temple too has an image of Garuda in front of the shrine. 


However, unlike other temples, the Garuda you can see here is characteristic of several stylistic features. In the Northwest corner of the complex you will be able to witness an image of Lord Vishnu riding his faithful mount.The Garuda that you see is a human-figure with wings, and is shown kneeling with his hands in prayer position. Interestingly, Garuda is the enemy of snakes, and hence is shown wearing snake-necklace and snake-armlets. 


Just around the corner, you will see a museum where ancient art, coins and tools are beautifully preserved. You could spare some time to appreciate the ancient pieces before heading off to our next destination, which will be Nyatapola temple!

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