Chamero Gufa

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Bat cave which is known as Chamero Gufa in the Nepali language was discovered by the local people of the area in 2043 B.S. (1986 A.D.). The cave is home to thousands of bats of different species and therefore, is known as a Bat cave. It is located around 8 kilometers northwest of Lakeside Pokhara in Pokhara Submetropolitan city Ward No. 16. A 10-minute walk from Mahendra Cave will take you to the gates of this mind-blowing cave. 

Surprisingly, Bat cave was on private land during the time of its discovery. Later, Bindhyabasini secondary school took over the land and its management. 

Once you go inside the cave, you will reach a huge space. The cave is built from Limestone and is a habitat for different species of bats. You will be able to notice them hanging upside down at the walls, corners, and ceilings of the cave with the help of an emergency light provided by the counter. The different species of bats found in this cave feed on fruits and insects. The cave is 225 meters long and there are two different entry and exit routes. The entrance of the cave is wide and open which makes it easier to enter. However, the exit is narrow and you will have to climb out of a tiny hole which is quite adventurous and exciting. You will also be able to notice different figures of animals and idol representations of Hindu gods on the way out. It is believed that only those who have not committed any sin in their life can pass through this narrow opening. 


Bat cave is a natural cave and is one of the major attractions of Nepal. Similar to Mahendra Cave, Bat Cave also holds many rock formations of stalactites and stalagmites. The major attractions of this cave are the hundreds of bats on the walls and ceilings, and the thrilling exit route. In this destination of Pokhara, you get to experience so many things in such a brief amount of time.

To reach Bat cave, you can take a private vehicle from Lakeside or add the location to your cycling journey. On the way, you will be able to visit Seti River Gorge, Gurkha Museum, and Mahendra Cave as well.


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