Bindyabasini Temple

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Bindyabasini temple lies on the Pokhara Baglung Highway, around an hour ride from the Lake Side. 

This is one of the oldest temples in Pokhara. The main diety of this Temple is Bindyabasini Bhagawati, who is believed to be a reincarnation of Goddess Kali.

The common lore about establishment of the temple is that:

Long time ago, the then King of Kaski Siddhi Narayan Shah and King of Neighbouring Kingdom Parbat, Khadka Man Malla, wanted to build a temple for Bindyabasini and started looking for a place. After agreeing that the temple was to be built here, the image of Goddess to be placed inside the temple was brought from Bindyachal Mountains of West Central India. And then this place came to be worshipped as Bindyabasini. 


Here you can see the beautiful mountain range and the Pokhara city at the same time. Along with the main temple, nearby there is also a Buddha Bihar, that you can visit.

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