Bagh Bhairab

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One of the oldest temples in Kirtipur, the Bagh Bhairab temple, is a remarkable shrine of Kirtipur. Built during the 12th century, it signifies productivity, knowledge, and strength to the local people in Kirtipur. Inside the temple, you will find a clay statue of a tiger or a Bhairav in Nepali. 


Do you see how the top tier of the temple is decorated with weapons? Well, those weapons were used by the soldiers of Prithvi Narayan Shah during the unification campaign.They symbolize great pride and prestige to Nepelese people to this day. 

Since the unification campaign was not easy, they were defeated by invaders twice and it is on the third time that they got glory over Kirtipur.


Story-time! Once upon a time, there were some children grazing their cattles in the slopes of Kirtipur.The cattles were grazing meanwhile the kids moulded an adorable tiger out of the clay.They decided to go into the forest to look for a leaf that would resemble the tongue for clay-tiger. Just then, Lord Shiva with his son Ganesha showed up in this place. Ganesh went into the forest to roam while Shiva stayed beside the clay structure moulded by kids. He was getting temptations to turn the clay tiger into a real one. And so he merged his body and soul into the clay tiger which came to life through Lord Shiva’s mystical powers.The tiger devoured all the cattles that were innocently grazing on land. As the kids returned back, they were extremely disappointed to see this so the tiger never got his tongue. Even to this day, the deity still desires for a tongue!

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