Arjundhara Dham

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Arjundhara Dham is located in eastern part of Nepal in Jhapa district. This temple is one of the religious sites of eastern Nepal which is a few kilometers away from south of Birtamod. Arjundhara temple, popularly known as ‘Pashupatinath of eastern Nepal’, is a religious destination especially for Hindus. The temple looks more delightful in the evening due to lights and lamps. There are various temples, ponds, gurukul, statue of Lord Shiva and various famous places to visit.

Beside the temple, you can see a beautiful pond where in the middle of the pond, statues of two cows and Lord Arjun stretching his bow towards the pond is found. This place carries a history of Mahabharat period when the cows were thirsty, Lord Arjun(one of the five paandavs) stretched his bow and strike on the land due to which water bursted out and made a Pokhari. Since the pond was created by him, this place is dedicated to Lord Arjun and after discovering the place, Arjundhara temple was built. Arjundhara Dham is famous for the large number of devotees, especially those people who come to burn millions of lamps with a belief of peace and happiness for them and their families. This place has five metal streams made by five Pandavas during the Mahabharat period when they were in 13 years of vanvas.  There is a practice of taking bath in all five metal streams of this place with a belief to purify the body from any diseases and wrong deeds.


Thousands of devotees from inside and outside the country come to this place during festivals and for religious purposes. The religious pond and its historical importance are the major attraction points for a number of tourists. You can easily get to this place by bus or on your own vehicle once you reach Jhapa. After Arjundhara, our next destination will be Domukha, Jhapa!

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